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Office-based Employee Program (OBEP)
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Office-based Employee Program (OBEP)

As an Office-based employee, you will be eligible for a fixed monthly salary, Provident Fund, ESI, medical/accident/term insurance, casual leaves, sick leaves, earned leaves, maternity leaves, gratuity, etc.

Salary simulator: We have designed an online salary simulator which will help you calculate the kind of salary that you can earn with us. Please CLICK HERE to simulate your earnings.

Advantages of working as office-based employee for NTS India
Increased productivity thru eScription: eScription is speech recognition software which has won 7 consecutive KLAS awards in its category. Excellent quality of draft produced by eScription will help you produce more lines in the same timeframe as compared to other softwares. This will help you increase your monthly earnings.

Faster and ensured growth: NTS India incorporated a unique system of Performance Appraisal – unparalleled in any other MTSO – Monthly Appraisal Report system (MAR). Your TM will prepare the MAR each month informing you of your performance and when you will be promoted. You also get to provide your feedback on the MAR prepared by your TM. We believe that when you grow the company automatically grows. All managers and QAs are recruited from within the company, which means faster you join faster are your chances of growing to higher designations.
Even if your present company pays you the same salary or higher salary than what we might offer you today but the question is can it provide you the same growth option like we can, especially when your present company may not grow at the same pace that we are growing at.

Split Shift Option for Office-based Employee: Another unique benefit from NTS India. As an employee of NTS India, you can split your shifts and work from home as well as office. You can work for 5 hours from Office and then resume your work from home for 3 more hours.

Earn up to Rs. 5000/- under the Referral Bonus Scheme as NTS India Employee: Your earning capabilities does not stop with total number of lines produced. You can earn additional money as an employee of NTS India by just referring your MT friends. You will be eligible for Referral Bonus when your MT friends join the company.

Mediclaim Insurance coverage for you and your family: NTS India provides Group Medical Insurance cover for your family and you.

Group Accident & Group Term Life insurance coverage for you: NTS India provides Group Accident Insurance and Group Term Life Insurance for free.

Enjoy Zero balance bank account: We will help you open a zero balance account with Kotak Mahindra Bank. Your salary will be credited automatically to your account on or before 7th of each calendar month.

Help the Needy Program: This is a special initiative/program undertaken by NTS India to help the underprivileged and the needy. This is a purely voluntary donation program where the OBEs/HBEs/ITPs contribute towards a particular cause on a monthly basis. As an OBE/HBE/ITP, you can also propose any NGO or charitable organization that require funds. We will evaluate the organizations and decide for which organization we will collect the funds for that month.

Fix It Program: This is another unique program where an OBE/HBE/ITP can voice his/her concerns/issues faced during their association with NTS India. Under this program, an OBE/HBE/ITP can escalate their concerns/issues through this program, in case their issues are not resolved adequately by their respective Team Managers, Unit Heads, Operations Director, etc. Once you raise an issue through this program, a unique Case ID with a unique password is generated, through which you can track the status of the issue raised until the case is closed or resolved.

How to Apply?

As a company, we maintain a database of MT candidates. We have our own format of collecting candidate profile, which is to be updated online to our database.

We also issue a unique ID for each MT professional who registers with us, and we call this as HR ID. Your HR ID is 14074 for example. Please mention your HR ID compulsorily in the Subject Line of every e-mail that you send to anyone in NTS India.

Please fill in all relevant fields and answer all questions in the online application form without which we will not be able to process your application further.

Please send an e-mail to once you have updated your resume. Please send an email to should you face any problems.

How to apply on NTS India website?
1. Click on the Apply Online link which is available under the 3 different options to work OBEP, HBEP and ITP in the website and register yourself with your name, contact details, and resume.
2. Once you register, we will create your profile in our database and send you a link with a unique HR ID to update your complete profile.
3. The moment you update your profile completely using the link, your profile is captured on our database.
4. The Recruitment Manager will contact you and take the recruitment process forward.
On behalf of the HR Team, we hope to see you onboard soon to take your MT career beyond salaries and incentives.
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